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Blooming Glen Catering
Wild Game Processing:
(10 lb. minimum per selection unless otherwise stated)

We do wild game processing year round at Blooming Glen Pork Products. We accept only BONELESS MEAT for processing. Listed below are the items that we offer. We process Deer, Bear, Moose, Carabou, Elk, Geese and Smoked Fish just to name a few.

   Whole Hind Quarter Dried & Sliced $38.00 a piece

   Smoked Kielbasa (with pork added) $2.75lb finished weight

   Bologna (with pork added) $2.75lb finished weight

   Sausage (country, sweet & hot italian ) $2.75lb finished weight
   Smoked Sausage (with pork added)$2.75lb finished weight

   Ground and Frozen (1lb packs) $1.50lb

   Ground and Frozen (with pork@$2.59lb) $1.50lb

   Snack Sticks (mild, teriyaki, spicy - 25lb min) $3.50 green weight